R. L. Snyder has been a soldier and a teacher. He is most proud of being a husband, a father and a grandfather. In his past he has climbed mountains, jumped out of airplanes and spent a lot of time in, under and on the water. He has visited thirty-three countries and lived in three of them, not counting the U.S. So what does that have to do with his writing? Absolutely nothing.

Allowing his readers to escape from the world around them, even if only for a few hours, is what drives him to write. He is a strong believer that YA fiction should not be restricted to what appears on your drivers licence.

His two novels, Branwen and The Blocker, are available now and will soon be followed by the second novel in each series. He has many other stories swirling around in his head waiting to get out. He would like to know if anyone out there would like an idea of what these stories would be about. How about helping him decide which to do next. After all, it is you he is trying to please.